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Client stories


Barb and Charles started doing CrossFit in 2016 after years of Charles having a hard time just getting in and out of the house. Both of them weren’t happy with their numbers from their Dr. and they wanted to be healthier. They contemplated starting CrossFit , but they were both hesitant. Isn’t that for people that are already really fit? Or 20 year olds?


They decided to try it and haven’t stopped since. They learned how you can scale movements to your level and a coach is always there to help you.


Now their blood tests come back healthy and their Dr is stumped. He says, I don’t know what you are doing, but it’s working. They are happier, have more energy and can keep up with their grandkids.

Not only are they healthier, but they are two of the most consistent members at the gym. Just this last year alone, they came to 456 classes combined. We have 18 year olds trying to keep up with them and all our athletes are inspired because they can see how their consistency pays off. They are role models for married couples on how to continue to stay active together and keep having fun. We are so glad they are here and a part of our gym family.

This is Rachel. She is one of our athletes who is an amazing example of #momgoals and #fitnessgoals at our gym. When she first started coming to the gym she was postpartum from delivering twins via c-section. She had the goal of being in the best shape of her life when she started coming to Cultivus. She worked with our coaches to scale appropriately and through consistency and passion for CrossFit and running she reached her goals and continues to be in the best shape of her life! She achieved strict pullups and double unders and continues to cross goals off her list!

Now her twins just turned 3, and she goes around attending and sometimes winning various fitness competitions. She got 1st place for females at the Brutus functional 5k and recently won 1st place in her age group at a half marathon she ran. We are so proud of her and she is known for her quick wit and smile at the gym. She is an inspiration for moms, post surgery athletes, and anyone reaching toward a goal.


Check out what people are saying about us on Google!

"Great place. Very friendly and knowledgeable coaches. You will see results! Multiple options for membership and only CrossFit style gym to offer childcare. Also scale down workouts per individual needs and restrictions."
"I love our gym. Cultivus has done an excellent job of meeting people where they are at, and have built a community that is so incredibly supportive. And, unless they are positive that everyone in the workout knows the moves, everyone is taught the move, so no one has to find the courage to ask."

"Friendly and helpful coaches! They’re super patient whether it’s your 1st or 100th time doing crossfit."


"I was really nervous about trying it but I have really enjoyed it. Everything is at your level, the coaches are really nice, and the Transformation group I am in is really fun and friendly. I am so glad I tried it out. It works!"


"I have never enjoyed going to the gym until now! Such a great gym with knowledgeable coaches who are committed to helping you grow no matter what your level of fitness and a welcoming community to work out with. Highly recommended."

I joined Cultivus Fitness 6 months after having my third child. It had been a difficult high-risk pregnancy due to Type 1 Diabetes and related health issues. Prior to delivery, I spent a month on bed rest. After all that, I was terrified to join a gym. An athlete in my younger years, I was sure I'd feel out of place and discouraged. But the opposite was true. This community embraced me just as I was and made me feel at ease. Also, they have a great childcare set up that allows me to leave the Mommy guilt at the door. My kids love coming and say they want to be "strong like Mommy." I couldn't ask for more!
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